Saturday, October 15, 2011

Using History/Math

I used this example in my Algebra I class this past week.  My students were very into the whole warm-up.

The exercise is a warm-up using Powerpoint.  I try to introduce the topic without math being involved at all so they pay extra attention to see where I'm going... reveal each point one at a time creating a word problem.

So now we have a problem to solve that everyone has wondered at some point.  What the heck is a "score"? as in Four score and seven years ago.

Some of the Social Studies teachers liked this exercise too.  I try to incorporate what they're doing into my lessons.  This particular one helped me to answer "Mr. R., why do we need this?" and also reinforce what they learned in another subject.

Sometimes we just use math to figure stuff out like "what is a score anyway?"


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