Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Arm Chair Quarterback ( I should run for office)


Football is pretty easy when you're sitting at home with a bowl of chips and a cold drink.  "I can do that!" I should be coaching this team! (or at least run for office)

I tell my students all the time that "I know it looks easy to you when I do it, you need to do it yourself to know if you really get it."  Some take my advice and practice, but many just refuse to immerse themselves into it.  

By the way, I'm not saying that they can't do it or that it isn't easy, but it's likely that when they are assessed on the skill or need to use it, it will be harder for them than they thought. 

The more I shout at the coaches on TV telling them how they should be coaching their team, the more I realize how similar an armchair quarterback telling a coach how to do their job is to a politician who tells me how to teach.

The difference is that coaches don't give a crap or even hear what I have to say, Politicians can actually make their nonsense law!

I'm just a dope who has no idea how to coach a pro football team but thinks he can. Politicians really have no idea how to teach, or do much of anything else, but think they know how to do everything.

Football is just a game, an awesome game! ... but your education affects your life.  

I just wish politicians would leave teaching to me the same way they leave surgery to surgeons, law to lawyers, and auto repairs to mechanics. 

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