Sunday, December 8, 2013

You didn't use algebra today?

Just because you got through today without using algebra doesn't mean that you shouldn't have used it!

So often I hear people say they hate algebra!  They go out of their way to explain how they don't use it in the real world and still get by, or make a ton of money, or [insert excuse here].

There are two things that I usually respond if I don't think it will cause further argument.

1. You actually are using algebra, you just don't realize it.
2. If you did use algebra, you might have made a better decision, saved money, saved time, or [insert excuse from above here] better.

Check out this article in the NY TIMES.  I am both happy and sad to see sunlight being allowed this particular topic.  I would love to see positive changes, but also know that most of the people who impact the way our education system works are not informed enough to make good decisions.


  1. I had the worst time learning to read music: I wish someone had shown me a tune I knew, then showed me the notes that described it. The same with math. It would be so great to see that how we are already using it, how we are always intuitively solving problems every tme we catch a ball or predict how to alter a recipe. t\then learn the math that goes with the intuition. Great NYtiems article...thanks!

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