Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Last Week Tonight" Video for discussion in Statistics class

I like to edit videos that I can use in class. As I make more I will post on Twitter @aanthonya

There are many great videos out there, unfortunately, sometimes the ones I like are inappropriate for school, so I have to edit them before I use in class.

Here's an example from Last Week Tonight.  It is HEAVILY edited, but I think a really good piece for discussion in Statistics.

Here is the edited version:

Please share your thoughts if you think there is something that isn't school appropriate still in the video.  I know we have different thresholds, but please share any thoughts you have.  I can always go back and edit more.

Here is the unedited YouTube video:


  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to use this in my AP Stats class.

    1. No problem Amanda! If anyone thinks they have a good idea of how to incorporate some more formal materials with this, I would appreciate it. I would also be happy to co-create some resources if anyone is interested.

    2. I am still using this several years later! I've been showing your edited version to my regular and AP Stats classes and they love it. I don't really use formal materials with this, but I love to use it as an introduction to their final project of the year where they have to design their own study. Is there any way you would be willing to send me a direct youtube link to your edited video so that I could share this with students who are absent? I'm afraid that if I direct them to your blog page where it is embedded that they will click on the youtube for the unedited version. Right now I say, "If you parents ask what we watched, please make sure you tell them it was a HEAVILY EDITED clip of the show!" Ha! My school email is:

  2. Fantastic video. I plan to use it in class, but I think you should crop the last 15 seconds of the guy in the lab coat gesturing at his crotch.