Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Work in Progress (My room)

So I have been spending waaaaaaay too much time at school, but I can't help but work on the setup of my room.  I have posted some pics.  The posters on the wall are up mostly so I can see what I have, nothing is permanent.

Pleas make comments!

Here's my new whiteboard and SMART Board.  Notice the number line above!

There are 25 desks in the room.  I set up pods of four except for one that is five seats.  I still need to figure that out.  Maybe some pods of three?

I like the idea of being able to walk around the room rather than have me in the front and that imaginary separation.  This might help with behavior problems if I am more in the "mix".  Fingers crossed.

That rectangular table in the front can be a group work table or something.  I plan on using it as my work space during class.

There's a free standing white board in the front (right).  I imagine placing this one and the one I made in the back corners so I can circulate and do examples in more than one place.  I could evn have students work problems on those boards in the "back" of the room instead of coming to the front.

Here's my little runway...or should I call it a catwalk?  or neither?  Anyway, I think I still need help arranging the room. Please point out why it won't work so I can fix it.


  1. My only thought is that the person sitting in the middle seat in the 5-pod better be awfully skinny! :) maybe you could take the 5 and a 4 and make some 3s instead? Although I know that takes more room.

    Otherwise, looks good!

    1. Thanks. yeah...I think I need a couple 3's.

  2. Okay. Either your classroom is humongous or my classroom is tinier than tiny. I have 24 desks, and I set them up the same as yours. But, I can barely walk between the groups. I'm so jealous of your runway...

    Maybe this is why people keep suggesting I should have taken the classroom across the hall when I'd already repainted my classroom...

    Your room is looking great!

  3. Do you need all the desks? If not, you could take the extra in the group of 5 and put It along a wall for a day that a student may want/need to work alone.

    Make sure there is room along the wall and supply areas, my desks would always slide toward the supply table and create traffic jams there.

  4. I think like Tina said, I would take the 5th desk and put it alone. Sometimes you may need a student to work on their own. I see the angles that the desks are on, but sometimes for space, keeping it 90* is better. Do you have problems with students moving desks throughout the day (I do, that's why I ask). I was thinking of putting tape squares so students know that their desks are in the correct space before they leave. Picture 6 down, can you put those white organizers under your teacher table (picture 9 down)? More space?