Sunday, August 26, 2012

Interactive Notebook Content Repository Wiki

I made a place dedicated to Interactive Notebook Content.  Stuff that we can all use and share.  A place where we can upload pictures, links, files etc... to one place that is organized by subject and topic.  Please visit the wiki, borrow stuff, share stuff and PLEASE give me feedback so I can make this better.  Any suggestions are good suggestions!

I added a section and folders to the msmathwiki

I actually started by making a totally new wiki just for this, but realized I would only complicate by giving yet another place to go for those that wish to use it.  So...I added the structure to the already heavily visited msmathwiki.

I have been trying to get a handle on how to implement Interactive Notebooks this year.  There is so much information and so many smart experienced people out there I  simply had too much stuff to look through.  I needed to make a place to comile all this stuff for my own sanity.

As they say in my previous career (marketing & advertising), I was in a state of "Analysis Paralysis" ... information overload!

Megan Hayes-Golding (@mgolding) and Julie Reulbach (@jreulbach) sold me on implementing the INBs and foldables in my classes this year while we were at Twitter Math Camp 2012.  I hope they don't mind me bugging them so much!

This is where the section is in the msmathwiki main page

This is the main page for INB content in the msmathwiki

 Choose your topic from the list to go to the page/folder created specially for content in that subject arranged by topic.

So far I have started populating the Algebra 1 page.  Hopefully we can all populate this wiki with images, pdfs, Word files, etc... so we can compile an amazing source for content.
This is the Algebra 1 page for INB content in the msmathwiki

How it works:
1. Each topic has a folder (MS Math, Algebra1, Calculus, etc...)
2. Each folder has a file with topics listed with links to resources for that specific topic.  Of course files can be uploaded too, that's whey there are folders for each subject.
3. Find your topic in the list and either add to or use the info.
4. You can add topics in the approximate chronological order the topic would be covered.

I (@aanthonya) added the section to the msmathwiki, @mathtastrophe uploaded the first batch of information in the Algebra 1 section. 

Who else is helping to get this going?:

You can start using what's there already and/or contributing immediately.  Please tweet me @aanthonya or e-mail me (aanthonya at yahoo) if you have any issues.  

There are sites, people and wikis already dedicated to INBs and associated things.  This wiki is dedicated to organizing content and ideas that is immediately usable.

  • A good place to start, then here at Megan's blog.
    • Megan's blog is here. She is an Interactive Notebook Guru and a role model to many of us!
    • Megan is the leading force behind Global Math Department .
    • She's on Twitter too 


  1. this is great! I don't know if you have seen @mathequalslove's blog (mathequalslove) but she has a lot for Alg 1 with foldables. I have been using a lot of her stuff. I am teaching Alg 2, so I am looking forward to sharing.

    1. Yes. I did see her stuff and LOVE it! I hope we can get more links to her stuff into this wiki. I think I already put one or two in there.

  2. Just imagine the possibilities if we all put our stuff up in the same place!

  3. awesome! i visited this late last week!!!

  4. As always, you are *awesome* :) Thanks for putting this together!