Friday, July 13, 2012

Crappy White Board (Part 2)

So I'm still looking for white board solutions.  I've come up with these:

1. Mark-R Board

I found Mark-R Board at Lowes.  It seems like the best option (other than a REAL white board of course).  This stuff come is smaller sheets but appears to be higher quality than the other stuff that I have in my room now which is white painted board.

Georgia Pacific makes this stuff and has a brochure that includes it.  Check it out here.

2. Con-Tact brand dry erase memo surface

This is what it looks like I will actually use on my wall this year.  It's Contact paper specifically made to be used as a dry erase surface.  The clear Contact paper I tried didn't work out in a real test.  I mounted it on the useless whiteboard I have now, but it didn't work.

This stuff works!  Video of it in action coming soon.

3. Plastic film

I found this stuff in A.C. Moore (or Michael's).  Its a clear sturdy film that if mounted on a flat surfce, makes a great dry erase surface.


  1. The Con-Tact Dry-Erase roll got truly terrible reviews on Amazon:

    I'm thinking about getting some of that Mark R Board material at Lowe's to cover the giant waste-of-space bulletin board at the front of my classroom. I need white board space more than display space.

  2. The rolls I found are "Con-Tact" brand. The one reviewed on Amazon at that link is a different brand. I was also considering getting or making dry erase board easels to roll around the room using the Mark-R Board.