Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trying out "Showbie"

So I saw someone post about SHOWBIE on Twitter and decided to try it out.  This tool allows teachers to assign projects online and collect them digitally.

Saw the recommendation at the "apps in education" blog.  Was pointed to that blog by @MyWeb4Ed (Thanks Carol).

I set up a sample Algebra 1 class at the site and also a student account (aanthonya) so I can try this thing out.

Here is the code for the class that I set up TQK3G.  If you are interested, please join the class and help me try this thing out.

I assigned myself one HW assignment so far.

As a student (aanthonya) I submitted two submissions.  One is a photo and one a file.  I now await feedback from my teacher (me).

Please join my class and submit anything as your assignment.  This could be a really good tool, but needs a good trial.

Go to showbie.com, make a free account and join my class.

class code = TQK3G

Also available for Free in the Apple App Store.  I also have it loaded on my iPhone.

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