Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crappy Whiteboard

I am very lucky that I even have a room this coming year, and I don't want to look a gift room in the mouth, but the whiteboard in my room is really crappy.  In fact, it is basically unusable.

writing on the white board
this is it erased
It's not easy finding a solution to this problem.  In addition to the board itself, there is the issue that I don't want to make too many facilities requests in this, my third year, because it could piss someone off.

click to enlarge
There are already several work requests for this room.  Putting a request now for the whiteboard?  Especially when I have a SMART Board! I really should be counting my lucky stars.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but I realized I could most likely use clear contact paper to cover the old board!  See my experiment with the material in the video below.

I still need to try this out on the actual board. 

The best part about this is that if it works, the paper can be easily removed.  The facilities management in our building is very tight.  You can't just walk in and put up a new whiteboard, or paint, or even use a fan for that matter.

The contact paper gives me an escape hatch.  If they don' like it then as Ralph Kramden (Chef of the Future) would say, "zip zip zip!" and it's all done.

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